When purchasing real estate the most important document is the title. The title is the final document that you should receive and it states that you own the property. I always suggest you have the actual title, a copy of the title and a digital copy as well, better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this extremely important document.

In the past I have suggested to property owners to have digital scans of ALL documents related to the property. Should the occasion arise where a government office can’t find a specific document because they “lost it” ( which is common in Latin America ) due to poor record keeping and total mismanagement, then you will be “safe” with your digital copy.

Below I will outline the different real estate titles that are common to see here in the Dominican Republic and what each one means and what each one is used for.

Yellow Title

Name in English: Creditors Registration Certification

                    Name in Spanish: Certificado de Registro de Acreedor                   

This document is issued by the Registry of Titles in which the real estate property, taxes and encumbrances (a mortgage or other claim on property or assets) are accredited. It can only be required by the owner of the property, as well as by the owner or beneficiary of the registered right. Creditors/Banks/Lenders will provide the Yellow Title to you.

Creditors Registration Certificate


Blue Title

Name in English: Certificate of Titles

Name in Spanish: Certificado de Titulo

This is the official document issued and guaranteed by the Dominican Federal Government, which certifies the existence of a real estate property and ownership over it. The Blue Title is used for houses and lands.


Certificate of Titles

Pink Title

Name in English: Annotated Record

Name in Spanish: Constancia Anotada

This is the official document issued by the Registry of Titles that supports the rights of one or more persons over a portion of a plot that does not have its own cadastral designation or an individual plan approved and registered in the Directorate of Measurements. The Pink Title  used for apartments and condos.

Annotated Record


*Important Info*

For property built before 2005 condos/houses all have pink titles.

Property build after 2005 Pink Titles on condo’s/homes means there is a lien on the property.

No lien means property has a Blue Title.


So, if you are purchasing a property that was built after 2005 and there is no lien against the property, then you should be receiving a Blue Title. The Blue Title also applies to demarcated or individualized properties. Example, there is a plot of 15 acres divided up between 3 owners. Each owner would have their own Blue Title for their own plat of 5 acres. Make sense?

It is extremely important that you have the correct title and ensure that nothing is wrong with the property at all prior to purchasing. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us concerning anything you may have questions about. Also, please scroll back through our blog and see the properties we have advertised in the past, more are coming soon!

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