The Caribbean economy heavily relies on tourism, but that’s not exactly a secret. What many people don’t know however, is that the tourism industry traditionally has been very bad for the environment.

When it comes to tourism, very little sustainability was in mind in the creation of most resorts, beaches, attractions, souvenirs, and methods of energy usage. There’s a lot of money thrown around for the sake of money, without much forethought given to the environmental impact.

Think of how much disposed plastic alone is used in the tourism industry. Locals are fed up with all of this ending up on beaches, in the ocean, and in overstuffed landfills.

The Dominican Republic has decided to take matters into its own hands by investing in new sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability and Business Opportunities

“The future is green” is becoming a popular saying for a reason. As climate issues crop up left and right, businesses everywhere are looking for ways to not only reduce their carbon footprint, but profit off of green technology and sustainable initiatives.

Tourism is a huge part of the Caribbean economy. Upwards of 11% of the entire regions jobs are related to the tourism industry. It’s impossible to think of the Dominican Republic or surrounding areas without a thriving tourist industry.

Related to this is the fact that coastal regions and islands suffer the effects of environmental damage more than inland communities do. When these issues are factored together, it paints an interesting picture.

Clearly, the economy of this region depends on tourism, so measures are being taken to ensure the best of both worlds can be maintained.

Investing in sustainable initiatives means local businesses and the tourism in general can continue to thrive without impacting the environment.

This also means that local investors who jump in now will be rewarded with the projected success of green technology. Sustainable initiatives are projected to create even more jobs in the tourism industry in the DR, adding yet another reason why it is becoming one of the best places in the entire Caribbean to invest in and settle down in. It seems that the country as a whole is doing whatever it can to dominate the local economy and tourist industry.

Ecotourism, as it has been dubbed, is taking off in the Dominican Republic. The government has been aggressive in protecting wildlife habitats, making sure what forest remains is sustained and is able to recover, as well as making sure wildlife isn’t further affected by tourists looking for “nature” resorts and camping.

The DR has even begun initiatives centered around sustainable coffee-growing. With the world-wide demand for coffee increasing, it’s important to realize what happens to local habitats when it is grown. The Dominican Republic is raising awareness of these important issues, giving more investors reason to call the DR home and ride the lucrative wave that ecotourism has to offer.

This eco-conscious direction for the country means the DR will be leading the pack in the region for years to come. Signs are already pointing toward the DR being the next “hot spot” for tourism and innovation, and this is just more evidence. Look out for more news and information in the coming months as the DR unveils more about what it plans to do for the tourism sector.

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