Happy New Year !

Feliz Año Auevo !

Bonne Année !

Felice Anno Nuovo !

Feliz Ano Novo !

 New Years, that time of year everyone enjoys celebrating with their friends and family and making new resolutions for the coming year. A time of parties, fun and fireworks.

New Years Santo Domingo

 I have had the opportunity to celebrate New Year’s in Atlanta, Cancun, Santo Domingo and even Rio de Janeiro. I have to say, if you ever make it down to Rio de Janeiro for the ‘Reveillon’ celebration it is quite amazing. But New Years in Santo Domingo isn’t bad either, lots of parties, concerts, the Malecon is extremely crowded with families celebrating, fireworks and it never disappoints!

Feliz Ano Novo

Feliz Ano Novo from Rio de Janeiro, 2013

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, 2013 fireworks

 Tripadvisor has some suggestions if you happen to be coming to Santo Domingo for the New Years celebration. If you would like any of my personal suggestions I would would recommend staying at a hotel with a pool near or on the Malecon, or even in the Colonial Zone. You should check Catalonia Santo Domingo, Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino, Barcelo Santo Domingo and even Sheraton Santo Domingo. The good thing about those hotels is that they offer great service, pools, jacuzzis, are in a great location and you can walk from the hotel to the main concert on Maximo Gomez Avenue.

 There are also plenty of fun things to do in Santo Domingo during the holiday season, you really can’t get bored! If Santo Domingo isn’t for you then there are other places you can celebrate the New Year around the Dominican Republic that are equally as fun.

New Years in Santo Domingo

It’s important to plan accordingly when dealing with New Years due to increase of traffic and tourists in the city. What might take you normally 20 minutes to complete can take 1 hour during the holidays, if not more. So be aware and schedule plenty of time to travel, take a tour, eat out at a nice restaurant, etc..

New Years Party SD

If you plan on coming to Santo Domingo for New Years and have any questions concerning anything please feel free to reach out and ask me!

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