Is it the crystal clear water? Delicious food and great tasting drinks? The wide array of restaurants and beach clubs? Or the fact that you bought a brand new condo within 4 minutes walk from the beach for cheaper than you bought your house in the USA? Maybe it’s a combination of all those things that brought you to Boca Chica and have you enjoying the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches with a cold drink in your hand.

Your best investment opportunity won’t fit inside of a safety deposit box, but you can live it. That’s why we are sharing with you these amazing condos at a great price! You are going to love it!

Let’s start with the price. Boca del Mar Residence is a beautifully built condominium complex located in Boca Chica and they are offering the 1 bedroom condos (48 sq. meters) for $65,000 US Dollars and the 2 bedroom condos (66 sq. meters) for $75,000 US Dollars.

I love the modern interiors of these condos along with the pool, 24 hour security, car rental and bicycle rental is offered on site and even a shuttle that can take you to the airport.

Everyone has a budget, and the closer you get to your budget the more the ‘stop’ sign gets bigger.

We always advocate for purchasing smart and we feel that this is a great investment for many reasons. Boca del Mar Residence is a great investment so let’s take a look at the reasons…are you ready?

1. A short 4 minute walk away from the condo and you will be greeted by crystal clear water.

2. Several restaurants are available which offer a wide assortment of delicious and fresh food (seafood, Italian, American and Dominican).

3. Close proximity to Las Americas International Airport (13 min.) and Santo Domingo (30 min.). PLUS a gym, grocery store, tour outlet, and several shops are directly across the street, anything you need to grab is conveniently within a 2 minute walk or less. 

  1. Great property to rent out while you aren’t in town enjoying the drinks, pool and the playing in the crystal clear water. Have your investment make YOU money while you are away.

This is a great investment for those reasons above plus Boca Chica is being considered for the 5th cruise port in the Dominican Republic. If this goes through this could mean a significant rise in revenue for the small seaside city, if you are thinking of starting a small business this could be a good opportunity for you as well.

If this property excites you and you would love more information or to speak us, we would love to work with you to make one of these spectacular condos yours! You are going to want to get your hands on one of these amazing condos before they are all gone! Stop waiting and contact us!


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