Oceans 5 About Us
The purpose of Oceans 5 Worldwide is to educate people about the process of acquiring real estate, creating cooperation, and immigrating to the Dominican Republic.

Our goal is to put you in front of the right attorney, so you can have access to the right services in a timely fashion, as well as expertly answer your questions regarding the creation of your new adventurous lifestyle in the DR.

Jon Bullock is the CEO and owner of Oceans 5 Worldwide and is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Jon served in the United States Marine Corps and completed two combat tours in Iraq and was honorably discharged in 2005. While living in Mexico he worked for a law firm where he developed and put in place systems that expedited the legal transfer of ownership of homes and businesses. Through all the experience at the law firm and Iraq he learned valuable skills and experience handling complicated and intense situations. While at the law firm he learned the important questions that need to be asked before property is purchased or a company is created along with the many aspects that go into purchasing property as a foreigner.

Jon brought his experience and knowledge from the law firm with him to the Dominican Republic to create a new future for himself and be the ‘man on the ground’ for foreigners considering buying property or starting a business in the Dominican Republic. Since he has been in the Dominican Republic he has made connections with reputable lawyers, real estate agents, corporate accountants and cosmetic surgeons that speak English and have years of experience in their chosen field and have helped people from all over the world here in the Dominican Republic.

Jon Bullock
In this world there are 7.3 billion people in 196 countries, on 7 continents. There are 5 oceans that border all continents, and at Oceans 5 Worldwide we are bringing the world together in one spectacular location…..the Dominican Republic!